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 August 8, 2016  Posted by  Laws, U.S., Youth & Schools

Erin Kayata reports on what some parents in New Canaan accomplished after they started looking into where their children’s data goes.

Together the women, along with other mothers from Fairfield County, began advocating for student data privacy. Now on October 1 of this year, two years after they began championing for this, Public Act 16-189 will go into effect, helping to protect student data.

Connecticut’s Public Act 16-189 is made up of several parts to protect different aspects of student data. It includes restrictions on how student information may be used by contractors, clarification on data ownership and says that school boards must notify parents of any new contracts where student data may be collected. The act says that student data is not owned by the contractors and data security and privacy provisions must be included in all contracts.

Read more on New Canaan News.

Kudos to the parents for their advocacy.  And as you get your child ready to go back to school, ask yourself what you know about where your child’s data goes. And then get busy….

  One Response to “Where does the data go? New Canaan moms work to protect student privacy”

  1. I am sure it all goes to the publishing companies who are raking in the money. Just follow the money and see where it goes.

    I was hoping the end of inBloom would be the end of this nonsense but there is still a long way to go.

    I am glad to see Governor Malloy signing this bill though. He doesn’t have the best positive track record regarding public school education reform and privacy among MANY Ct principals, teachers, parents and other educators across the country. This is all VERY good news for Connecticut.

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