Mar 192019
 March 19, 2019  Posted by  Business, Featured News

Remember when data was the new oil? Now it may be your DNA. Simon Erickson reports:

…A fairly new company called LunaDNA may have cracked the code. Founded last year, LunaDNA began working on a community-owned approach that encrypts DNA information on a blockchain. Users could give their permission to access this information, letting them have control over how and where their information was being used.

The aspect of control might be the key. Rather than selling our information to be mined by who knows what, we can choose to contribute our DNA (as well as a variety of other healthcare information) to help both ourselves and others. Psychologically, there’s something powerful about voluntarily sharing information with a community when you know it will benefit the greater good.

Luna will even financially reward you for contributing your gene information.

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