Jul 192019
 July 19, 2019  Posted by  Healthcare

Andis Robeznieks reports:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has basic rules for regulating wearable devices and other digital health tools, but those rules may change as rapid innovation continues and the agency creates new pathways to ensure the safety and efficacy of new consumer-facing products. AMA experts outlined this and other need-to-know facts for physicians counseling patients who are increasingly looking to the wearable as a health tool.

Attorney Shannon Curtis, AMA assistant director for federal affairs, said during a recent education session that there are three important things for physicians to keep in mind when counseling patients about wearables or mobile health (mHealth) apps.

Be aware of an app or device’s regulatory status before recommending it to patients. “  […]

Alert patients to data privacy issues. […]

Help patients understand the information they receive.  […]

I am delighted that they are advising physicians to alert patients to privacy issues.

Read more on the American Medical Association.

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