Apr 272017
 April 27, 2017  Posted by  Healthcare, Laws

I’ve occasionally noted my opposition to putting tin stars on doctors by requiring us to report things that we might otherwise keep confidential. Now Joe Cadillic notes another one of those problematic laws:

I’m having trouble describing Oregon’s disturbing statutes and how two courts made excuses to allow law enforcement to circumvent our Constitution.

This month, an Oregon Appeals court agreed with a district court ruling which forces first responders to become state actors.

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  One Response to “Tin stars on doctors, Thursday edition”

  1. Not unexpected, another encroachment on the rights of ‘we the people’ by ‘the powers that be’. Another brick in the wall between an individual and the tattered remains of their personal rights. And Oregon is not even a pimple on California’s a**, imagine what has been happening there…

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