Apr 252021
 April 25, 2021  Posted by  Govt, Online, Surveillance, U.S.

Earlier this week, this site linked to a report by The Guardian about the U.S. Postal Service monitoring social media posts. Over on MassPrivateI,  Joe Cadillic also had something to say about the revelations.

“DHS has succeeded in turning the Postal Service into a clandestine government agency,” Joe writes.  And he says we shouldn’t be surprised.

All of this really shouldn’t come as a surprise; a 2019 USPIS annual report revealed the existence of iCOP, albeit in less ominous terms.

Page 36 of the report says iCOP is one of seven functional groups that send hundreds of intelligence reports to fusion centers.

Joe also notes that

A 2019 Federal News Network article revealed how iCOP postal inspectors have been going ‘undercover’ on the dark web since at least 2014.

Anyone who was surprised simply hasn’t been paying enough attention.  And that’s probably what the government hopes for.

Read Joe’s entire post.

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