Sep 152016
 September 15, 2016  Posted by  Business, Featured News

Great reporting by Sam Biddle on Google’s entrenchment in privacy scholarship. Why isn’t there more transparency and disclosure by the researchers, though? Sam reports:

In January, academic-turned-regulator Lorrie Cranor gave a presentation and provided the closing remarks at PrivacyCon, a Federal Trade Commission event intended to “inform policymaking with research,” as she put it. Cranor, the FTC’s chief technologist, neglected to mention that over half of the researchers who presented that day had received financial support from Google — hardly a neutral figure in the debate over privacy. Cranor herself got an “unrestricted gift” of roughly $350,000 from the company, according to her CV.

Virtually none of these ties were disclosed, so Google’s entanglements at PrivacyCon were not just extensive, they were also invisible.

Read more on The Intercept.

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