Apr 302017
 April 30, 2017  Posted by  Business, Online, Surveillance

Natasha Lomas reports:

Tinder users have many motives for uploading their likeness to the dating app. But contributing a facial biometric to a downloadable data set for training convolutional neural networks probably wasn’t top of their list when they signed up to swipe.

A user of Kaggle, a platform for machine learning and data science competitions which was recently acquired by Google, has uploaded a facial data set he says was created by exploiting Tinder’s API to scrape 40,000 profile photos from Bay Area users of the dating app — 20,000 apiece from profiles of each gender.

The data set, called People of Tinder, consists of six downloadable zip files, with four containing around 10,000 profile photos each and two files with sample sets of around 500 images per gender.

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  One Response to “Someone scraped 40,000 Tinder selfies to make a facial dataset for AI experiments”

  1. Sounds like OK Cupid all over again.

    This is so utterly disgraceful, unethical beyond words.

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