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 June 22, 2016  Posted by  Surveillance

This is one of those stories that may be best read if you’ve had a bit of caffeine first. Otherwise, you may just wind up shaking your head for quite a while.

Andrea McCarren reports that a DC man who was supposed to be monitored by a GPS tracking device while confined to his home escaped surveillance by…. wait for it… simply taking off the prosthetic limb it had been attached to and using his spare prosthetic limb.

Why a contractor’s employee attached a GPS device to a prosthetic limb and not a real one is one of those questions where you’re likely to get a  “Human Error” catch-all explanation.

The story might be a bit of a chuckler were it not for the the fact that the 34-year-old suspect, Quincy Green, allegedly gunned down a man while he was supposedly at home being monitored.

McCarren explains:

After a gun possession charge in April, Dana Hamilton’s alleged killer was confined to his home while awaiting trial. He was equipped with a GPS tracking device. But somehow, the technician from Sentinel, the California-based government contractor, placed it on Green’s prosthetic leg.

“Here you have a company [Sentinel] that comes along and working with DC government, doesn’t even follow their own protocols,” said Russ Mullins, an Executive Shop Steward at the Fraternal Order of Police.

Read more on WUSA.

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