Sep 082015
 September 8, 2015  Posted by  U.S., Youth & Schools

Herb Weisbaum reports:

For parents, the return to school means signing a stack of permission forms. One that’s easy to miss deals with the privacy of your child’s personal information – and your right to stop the school from sharing it.

Schools are allowed by federal law to share or sell “directory information” about their students with anyone – including data brokers and marketing companies – unless they have a parental opt-out form on file. that could subject parents and, in some cases even young students, to a torrent of advertising.

Read more on NBC News.

Weisbaum makes a good point that many otherwise-savvy parents may not know:  if you sign an opt-out form for directory information, it is only good for that school year: you must sign a new one each year.

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