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 August 3, 2016  Posted by  Online, Surveillance, U.S.

Joe Cadillic writes:

Researchers at the University of Salamanca  (USAL) have developed a ‘Sentiment Analysis’(SA) algorithm that monitorsTwitter and Facebook.

Psychologist, Paul Ekman has worked with the CIA, DOD and DHS for years, helping develop facial emotion detection, click here to read more.

Our government is also using ‘Emotive Analytics‘ (EA), to arrest and imprison innocent people!
Ekman has provided training to a whole series of people who were guards at Abu Ghraib prison, too, in how to extract information and truth without torture. “They used my [facial analysis] work, and it was very successful,” Ekman said.

It’s only a matter of time, before police use Emotive Analytics to arrest Americans.

American policing of a person’s sentiments, is this a joke?

Sadly, this is no joke.

 Read more on MassPrivateI.

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