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Peter Fleischer blogged his resolutions for Data Privacy Day:

1)  Take the high road:  I’ve chosen a career built on the fault lines of privacy, and it’s my job to help people cope with them.  This stuff matters, real people get hurt every day, and I should try to be worthy of it. Can you imagine the anguish of a teenager who would jump off a bridge when his privacy was invaded?
2)  Respect governments:  Governments are full of contradictions.  One arm regulates privacy while another arm operates vast surveillance systems.  Show respect for governments by fighting every day for the rule of law, especially where the rule of law is weak.
3)  Streamline:  Privacy is a field that has spawned a complicated compliance bureaucracy.  Meet your compliance obligations, but paperwork is not your life’s mission.  Don’t become entangled in it like a turtle in a fishnet.
4)  Be a lawyer, not a martyr:  don’t let people hold you accountable for stuff over which you have no control.   I’ve been through years of criminal prosecution for not stopping a single video upload, in a world of billions of videos.  I’m a lawyer and a privacy professional.  I’m not a scapegoat for the sins of the Internet.
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