Sep 062016
 September 6, 2016  Posted by  Surveillance, Youth & Schools

So kids take steps to protect their privacy, and rather than respect that, some parents take countermeasures to invade their privacy in the name of protecting them?

CBS reports:

 Parents are using spyware in an effort to monitor their children’s social media interactions.

CBS2’s Emily Smith reported different types of spyware can combat against free apps that hide texts and phone calls children don’t want their parents to see. One app looks like a calculator with a percentage sign next to it.



Marlowe said once a child starts paying for their cellphone it’s time for parents to take a step back, but until that day, parenting experts said it’s all fair game.

Experts added that at the very least parents should have their children’s passwords and know what to look for in the ever-changing digital world.

Read more on CBS.

“At the very least, parents should have the passwords?” I never once asked my kids for their passwords. What a terrible parent I was…

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