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 November 1, 2019  Posted by  Featured News, U.S., Youth & Schools

From the Road-to-Hell-is-Paved-with-Good-Intentions and What-Could-Possibly-Go-Wrong? departments, T. Keung Hui reports:

Some Wake County parents are refusing to give permission for teachers to conduct surveys that rate and track the behavioral health of their students.

The Wake County school system will have teachers at around 40 schools rate their students on 34 questions, such as how often they’ve  appeared angry, expressed thoughts of hurting themselves, expressed strange or bizarre thoughts, appeared depressed or engaged in risk-taking behavior.

School officials say the Behavior Intervention Monitoring Assessment System, or BIMAS-2, will help them identify students who are at risk of future academic, behavior or emotional difficulties.

Read more on The News & Observer.

According to the publisher of BIMAS-2, a masters-level teacher can administer the system (as can some other specialties), but if I was a parent, I would opt my kid(s) out, as until schools do a much better job of securing data and protecting privacy, I would not want such data on file for my children.

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