Feb 272017
 February 27, 2017  Posted by  Surveillance

Joseph Cox reports:

Last week, Motherboard demonstrated a piece of Android malware that can remotely turn on a smartphone’s microphone, track the user’s location, and intercept phone calls. When buying similar spyware for iPhones, attackers typically need to jailbreak the device first so they can then install unauthorized apps—a technical barrier that may take some time.

But companies do offer monitoring solutions for iPhones that apparently work on iOS 10 devices and don’t require a jailbreak. Instead, they take advantage of another aspect of Apple products that some users may overlook—iCloud backups. Although the method isn’t sophisticated, and the attacker requires a target’s Apple ID and password, it still highlights the options available to someone trying to monitor their spouse using off-the-shelf tools.

Read more on Motherboard.

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