Nov 122011
 November 12, 2011  Posted by  Laws

As I have often remarked, whenever you “balance” privacy against something else, privacy will lose.

Consider a report today by Sean Murphy of Associated Press that a plan that would better protect the privacy of Oklahomans is encountering resistance:

A plan to restrict the amount of personal information included in public court records is drawing opposition from a diverse group that includes prosecutors, law enforcement, attorneys and the media.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court sought public input on a proposed new rule as part of its plan to develop a statewide court system database that will allow the public to have online access to virtually every document filed in all 77 of the state’s courthouses.


Of the 39 entities that submitted public comments to the court, nearly all opposed the requirement that home addresses and birth dates be excluded. Under the rule, a birth date would include only the year, and the address would include only a city and state.

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