Apr 242017
 April 24, 2017  Posted by  Business, Surveillance, U.S.

If this continues, one day my husband will be considered far-sighted for refusing to give up his little old flip phone.

Bernie Suarez writes:

The march towards an Orwellian future where every form of human behavior is being monitored by AI-driven appliances and electronics is quickly becoming a reality. This was the plan from the start and as we can see the ruling elite have not slowed down one bit in their attempt to create this kind of world.

It is thus no surprise that Samsung is releasing a new smart phone this week called the S8 and S8+ that has a software called “Bixby” which will be studying your behavior in real-time and will be reacting, responding and “learning” from you accordingly.

The new Samsung S8 smart phone represents one of the first portable devices released to the general public in which the owner will be officially creating a 2-way relationship with the machine.

Read more on Activist Post.

h/t, Joe Cadillic

  One Response to “New “Smart Phone” Will Be Quietly Studying Your Behavior And Reacting In Real-Time”

  1. Just reading the headline gave me chills. Who on earth needs something like this? Not I, and if it gets to the point that the only phones that will work any more are phones with this capacity, I won’t have one. If it gets to the point where the only relationship I have is with one of my electronic devices, I hope it knows me well enough to know that I want it to contact a hit man to take me out without my having to say so.

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