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 December 11, 2020  Posted by  Business, Online

Glyn Moody writes:

It’s no secret that practically every Web page we visit is infested with trackers. On its own, that would be bad enough. But most trackers are used in order to aggregate enormous quantities of data. Taken together, these create extremely detailed profiles that reveal many things about us, include some pretty private and intimate ones. This massive assault on privacy is carried out supposedly so that advertisers can target us more accurately when they place ads – usually in real time – on the Web pages we view. That’s a terrible deal, but just how terrible is sometimes difficult to grasp. A new report provides some hard figures on how bad things really are.

It comes from the company Ghostery, founded in 2009, and best known for its Ghostery browser extension, which allows users to choose which – if any – trackers to allow. The company claims to have over seven million active users, and by drawing on their online experiences Ghostery has put together a report called “Tracking the Trackers“. This is the company’s second report on tracking.


h/t, Joe Cadillic

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