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 February 6, 2018  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S.

There are days when I think that if I keep reading Joe Cadillic’s stuff, I will go totally paranoid. Then I realize it’s not Joe who’s making me feel paranoid… it’s the police state government tactics he’s reporting on. And maybe we should all feel concerned about those.

Today, Joe writes:

As more and more cities and towns privatize everything, the use of smart meter parking apps (SMPA) continues to grow.

Which is a good thing right?

Wrong, cities and towns are using SMPA’s like ParkMobile, StreetLineParkMe, Park Smarter and SmartParking to collect all kinds of personal information.

According to numerous privacy policies, SMPA’s collect much more information than most people realize.

A look at ParkMobile’s privacy policy reveals the types of personal information SMPA’s collect.

Read more on MassPrivateI.  Thumbs up to Joe for looking at these apps’ privacy policies and how lenient they are with respect to them turning over your personal information to law enforcement.

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  1. Smart meter parking apps and GPS are a privacy nightmare:


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