Oct 222012
 October 22, 2012  Posted by  Court

Colin Moynihan reports that there will be another legal challenge to New York’s law banning masks at demonstrations. The lawsuit follows the arrests of peaceful protesters in New York showing their support during the Pussy Riot trial in Moscow:

We believe this law is overly broad,” the lawyer, Norman Siegel, said recently. “Political protest is a quintessential freedom of expression.”

Mr. Siegel said his arguments would differ from those used in previous challenges. Instead of stating that his clients needed to hide their identities with masks because the ideas they were spreading are controversial, he said, he will assert that the masks themselves were integral to the message the three women were communicating.

Read more on the New York Times.

I wish them luck, as I agree that in this case, the use of masks was part of the integral message and that the law has been used inappropriately.

h/t, ACLU of Massachusetts

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