Nov 112014
 November 11, 2014  Posted by  Breaches, Business

Abigail Darlington reports:

An Israeli cyber-security team claims it saved Zubie from a data breach that could have put drivers in a serious jam.

Zubie, a Charleston-based technology firm, provides software for drivers to track their vehicles’ performance and efficiency. A GPS-enabled device is plugged into the OnBoard Diagnostics hub beneath the steering wheel, which sends data about the car to the driver’s Zubie app.


Argus Cyber Security, an automobile security firm based in Israel, looked into Zubie’s software operations and found that it would be fairly easy for hackers to access an individual car’s data through the Zubie system, according to a blog post by Argus.

The security analysts also found a way to use the app’s servers to remotely control functions managed by the in-car computer, such as the brakes or door locks.

Read more on The Post and Courier.

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