Jul 072022
 July 7, 2022  Posted by  Healthcare, Laws, U.S., Workplace

Tami Luhby reports:

The corporate rush to cover employees’ abortion-related travel expenses following the Supreme Court’s decision to allow states to ban or severely restrict abortion has sparked a big question: Will the boss find out if you use the benefit?

The answer is typically no, especially if the reimbursement is handled by your company’s health insurance plan, benefits experts say.
“Just like your employer doesn’t know if you are going to the doctor for treatment of any other medical condition, they wouldn’t be able to find out that you’ve been reimbursed for travel to seek an abortion in a state where it’s legal,” said Harvey Cotton, who advises employers in benefits administration as a principal at Ropes & Gray law firm. “That’s why having this benefit work through the medical plan is so important.”
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