May 012018
 May 1, 2018  Posted by  Business

Jonny Evans reports:

Apple has at last introduced a new tool that lets you request and download everything the company knows about you, including all the data it gathers and retains when using the company’s retail outlets, iCloud, apps, products, and services.

Why is this tool available?

In part, Apple has made this information available to bring it into line with Europe’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation, laws designed to better protect individual privacy in an online age.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and almost every other company has also had to introduce these tools, making it far easier for users to compare the quantity and depth of information these unconstrained corporations hold about them.

Read more on Computerworld.

Thanks to Joe Cadillic for sending this one in. I just started the process of requesting my information, so I haven’t yet found out what kinds of personal info or proof they require to confirm my identity for my request. I’ll update this and let you know when I find out. 

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