Nov 092010
 November 9, 2010  Posted by  Misc, Surveillance

Justin Hyde writes:

A software engineer asked by a Tesla Roadster owner to see what information the car was collecting on its performance managed to crack Tesla’s data format. He found it records every second of its use.


Last month, after getting the request from another Tesla owner, the software engineer went to work, finding a 12Mb data file stored in the vehicle:

The binary file contains two sections, the first is a long term data logging section with 1 entry per day since the vehicle was made along with firmware update information and other vehicle data. The second section is an 8M wrapped block for data on driving and charging of the vehicle. Data while driving is saved once per second, minute and 10 minutes. Data from charging is once per minute as well as other unknown entries.

The previous parses found that in addition to basic data like speed and charging times, the Tesla also collects GPS data about where the vehicle was charged.


Thanks to a reader who shares my love of cars for sending this one in!

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