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I sometimes think people don’t realize the amount of time and passion Joe Cadillic dedicates to informing you all of surveillance issues and online threats to our privacy. We’ll get back to that later in this post, but for now:

This week, one of the links he sent me to share with you all is a treasure.

Michael Bazzell writes:

Posted on May 15th, 2018

I received an email today from a reader of the latest edition of my privacy book Hiding from the Internet. In the book, I include an entire chapter of opt-out links for removing personal information from people-search, data-mining, marketing, and data broker websites. The reader asked if I maintained a digital version of the workbook with active hyperlinks for easy navigation. While I try to maintain a page for hyperlinks from the book, it did not quite replicate the workbook model that is in the official publication. Today, I am releasing the entire workbook in PDF format for free. I hope it helps the process of cleaning up unwanted online details. The direct link is below.

Now It’s Your Turn

And while we’re somewhat on the topic of showing appreciation for Joe Cadillic’s dedication and efforts to advocate for privacy, perhaps some of you might want to take just a few minutes to show your appreciation by nominating Joe’s blog for  MIT’s  Disobedience Award.  Please do it.

In addition to constantly sending me links to share with you, Joe blogs on his own site, attends public functions in his community and generally raises the roof on privacy and surveillance issues, trying to get people to wake the fuck up.

Okay, maybe I didn’t say that last bit particularly professionally, but you know what I mean. We need more dedicated volunteers like Joe, but even volunteers have to eat and pay bills, and Joe could sure use the $250,000 award, so please nominate him!




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