Mar 142011
 March 14, 2011  Posted by  Court, Non-U.S.

Annapurna Rana Case

A woman living with a man and maintaining a physical relationship with him is not necessarily his wife, the Supreme Court of Nepal said in an elaborate ruling.

Making a detailed ruling on an aspect of right to privacy of a woman in a case involving a bitter property feud between a mother and a daughter of a prominent Keshar Sumshere family, the apex court ruled that living together and even bearing a child are not sufficient conditions in themselves to declare the two men (sic) and wife. A brief ruling on the issue was passed by the court earlier on June 8.

The precedent setting ruling of the Supreme Court came in the context of a petition filed with the apex court by Annapurna Rana the granddaughter of late Keshar Sumshere Rana, in which she claimed that a Kathmandu District Court ruling directing a virginity test on her was unconstitutional and against her right to privacy enshrined as a fundamental right under Article 22 of the Constitution. The apex court overturned the order for the virginity test passed by the district court.


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