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Back in September, we learned about domestic surveillance of environmental protesters and activists who were lawfully exercising their First Amendment rights when it comes to gas drilling. Some of the earlier coverage on this site can be found at Documents show Homeland Security tracks anti-drill groups in PA and Environmental coalition sues PA Emergency Management Agency Office of Homeland Security over surveillance. The surveillance involved the Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security and its contractor, Institute of Terrorism Research and Response.

Today, I came across an article in the UK’s Daily Mail that says that actor Mark Ruffalo had been placed on a terror watch list by the PA OHS. His terroristic activity? He organized screenings of the documentary, Gasland.

While the actor told the newspaper that he wasn’t worried about being placed on the watch list and that it was “pretty f**kin’ funny,” it’s not funny at all to me. Although he will still be allowed to fly, he will probably undergo additional scrutiny (translate: groping and hassles) at airports. More importantly, how DARE our own government view citizens who are simply advocating for environmental protection potential “terrorists?”

Mark Ruffalo doesn’t belong on any terrorist watch list.   Those who abuse power and who view peaceful dissenters as terrorists are the ones we should be watching.

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  1. Welcome to Orwell’s 1984?

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