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 August 3, 2016  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S., Youth & Schools

Janet French reports:

An Edmonton public school breached a transgender girl’s privacy when teachers called out her male birth name during attendance at least six times, Alberta’s privacy commissioner’s office has ruled.

“I think it’s a landmark ruling because it clearly outlines that transgender students’ identity must be protected in all Alberta schools,” said University of Alberta professor Kristopher Wells, who studies education policy with the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services.

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  One Response to “Ca: Edmonton school breached transgender student’s privacy, arbitrator says”

  1. Wouldn’t the students know each other from previous years of going to public school together and knowing each other from grade or middle school?
    My question is why none of the students spoke up and said something to the teacher that this is who is in our school. Or maybe that did happen and it wasn’t mentioned in the article.

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