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 September 14, 2021  Posted by  Govt, Surveillance, U.S.

Rebecca Long reports:

Outraged citizens and banks alike want to know why President Joe Biden plans to allow the IRS to snoop into bank accounts, Venmo, PayPal, and crypto transactions, among other types of payment processing accounts.

The White House, said, “This type of surveillance is needed to prevent tax evasion.”

Biden plans to use any money that is confiscated during IRS audits to fund his proposed plan for the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget plan.

If passed, banks would be required to report every deposit and withdrawal from an account to the IRS in order to target audits.

Read more on Ocala Post.

h/t,, who comments on whether this would violate the Fourth Amendment, as some bankers claim (spoiler alert: he says it wouldn’t).

  16 Responses to “Biden wants IRS to snoop into your bank account, know when you have $600 or more”

  1. I do not like this .it none of his bussiness

  2. He. Can not do unless congressman agree to vote it in.

  3. Fuck Biden nossy mother fucker

  4. Joe and his ho’s gotta go. This is getting out of hand. Ship them to China and pull their citizenship and confiscate their accounts and property. Give them a BIG DOSE of their own medicine since they think they are above the law and better than the hard working American.

  5. My personal bank account is none of his business! He has no right to do that!

  6. You dam right

  7. It’s not his business to know what’s in our banking accounts let’s snooping his

  8. This Is plain out BULLSHIT!! Let me Snoop Into their accounts and see how they would feel.. 🙄 🙄 But then again I’m not too worried about It because It’s likely to get passed anyways..

  9. He and his party are the most corrupt people I have ever seen. How does it feel to be hated so much? No integrity whatsoever.

  10. Look all you want and let us see who’s buying your sons “art”.

  11. First of all the IRS could care less about us having 600 in any account. Secondly if this “bank account spying” actually starts across America it’s simply going to negatively impact our financial institutions like they’ve never felt before. Let’s hear it for “client cancer that’s unheard-of”. Sincerly, [email protected].

  12. That’s how Chavez in Venezuela started his regime scary shir the demorats are doing wake up america

  13. Bullshit story!

  14. The people evading taxes have considerably more thab $600 in their accounts, look at those people.

    Also, to all the simpletons acting like Biden was corrupt, just wanna remind you guys that youre so stupid its a miracle you can breathe on your own. Of you died of covid youd be doing everyone a favor.

  15. That’s why I don’t have a checking account. 🤣

  16. Absolutely not,more over stepping his boundaries,stand up Americans fight for your rights!

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