Sep 282017
 September 28, 2017  Posted by  Featured News

There are a lot – too many – sites where you can look up individuals’ information.

If you haven’t seen this one already, check out and see if you or your family members have personal information revealed there.

If you find yourself in their records and you want to get your information OUT of there, see:

Thanks to Joe Cadillic for these links.

  3 Responses to “Are your details too easily available?”

  1. Please don’t confirm anything on that site. They seem to be fishing for information/confirmation/corrections to bad data.

  2. I agree, this site is very suspicious and advise everyone to stay away and advise your family to stay away. This site should not be allowed to exist.

  3. If you tell people to “stay away,” they won’t go and opt-out and the company will get to keep their info. Better to tell people to opt-out and check other sites where you may want to opt-out, too, if they allow it.

    And yeah, I don’t think sites like that should be permitted to do what they do. But we’re in the minority.

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