Apr 162022
 April 16, 2022  Posted by  Announcements, Laws, Online

Law professor Danielle Keats Citron’s new book is out. As seen on Twitter:

Danielle has done such important work in the privacy space, tackling thorny issues like privacy harms (in collaboration with Daniel Solove), as well as her own work on issues such as stalking and harassment in cyberspace, and the role of state attorneys general in promoting and enforcing privacy-protective legislation. I look forward to reading this newest book by her.

One of the thorniest issues her work raises is what some call “content moderation” and others call “censorship” on social media platforms.  If you’ve read Jeff Kosseff’s work on anonymous speech and on Section 230, you will recognize where Kosseff and Citron disagree, but both are well worth reading and considering if you are interested in privacy and protecting it.


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