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 July 15, 2016  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Non-U.S., Online, Surveillance

From a post on Medium:

 Airtel is sniffing and intercepting ALL unencrypted traffic going upstream from CloudFlare’s India data centres, irrespective of what ISP the user is on. This potentially affects everyone in India accessing ANY of the 2 million+ sites on CloudFlare.

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For its part, Airtel denies the claims. As reported on India TV News:

Airtel responded to the allegation by calling it “baseless & incorrect”.

“This is completely baseless & incorrect. As a policy, Airtel does not block/sniff any content. Only in the case of instructions/orders from the Government or the Courts, specified URLs are blocked. Blocking of any page [as per instructions from relevant authorities] is done at the URL level and not whether it is http/https. This also has nothing to do with the validity of any certificate,” Airtel said in a statement.

  One Response to “Airtel is sniffing and censoring CloudFlare’s traffic in India and CloudFlare doesn’t even know it.”

  1. Indian ISP’s are surely sniffing data’s from website not only hosted at cloudflare but also from other service providers too. And these a days various government bodies force the ISP’s to do the same.

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