May 072010
 May 7, 2010  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S.

Nicola Mawson reports:

Biometrics company Ideco has lashed back at reports that it stole the Department of Home Affairs’ database a few years ago.

The company, listed on the JSE, was accused of having breached the home affairs fingerprint database when it digitised the system four years ago.


The company’s biometric access control system, EVIM (Electronic Visitor Identity Management), verifies the identity of people entering office parks and housing complexes. It is this system that a story in the Cape Argus last month alleges uses the home affairs database.

Nonsense, says Ideco CEO Vhonani Mufamadi. “We didn’t clone the home affairs database. It would be extremely stupid of us to go and do such a thing and believe that we could get away with using that data in SA. It’s a severe criminal offence to do that and we simply would not dare.”

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