Dec 082016
 December 8, 2016  Posted by  Govt, Healthcare, Non-U.S.

There’s a response/follow-up to allegations that the Yukon government was improperly demanding sensitive patient information.

Nancy Thomson reports:

Shauna Demers, director of Insured Health Services with the Yukon government, says that’s not true.

“We do not and never have asked for complete files. Insured health services does not request and has never received a complete medical file to adjudicate a claim.

“We do not and have never asked for a complete patient chart that would include all consults, referrals, chart notes, visits, information on labs and diagnostics. We have not and do not ask for that information as a whole.”

“When we request information to validate or verify a claim, we don’t necessarily need a treatment or diagnosis, what we’re looking to confirm is that the service billed is valid and appropriate for what they’ve claimed.”

Read more on CBC.

Obviously, investigation by the privacy commissioner is crucial to getting to the bottom of whether the government is really asking for more information than it needs to process bills.

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