Sep 072011
 September 7, 2011  Posted by  Court, Non-U.S.

In what is sure to set off irony meters, a UK magistrate  has prohibited an alleged member of Anonymous from using his real name, Peter, on the internet. Anna Leach reports:

A man called Peter has been banned from using the name “Peter” on the internet as a bail condition after being charged today with unauthorised use of a computer.

Peter David Gibson, 22, from Hartlepool, was among three men and one unnamed 17-year-old charged at the City of Westminster Magistrates Court this morning for offences in connection with the LulzSec and Anonymous hacks.

Read more on The Register.

Can a judge really prohibit you from using your own real name?  And how does allowing Peter to call himself “AnonOne” but not “Peter” prevent re-offending, which was seemingly the (il)logic behind the ban?

If I were Peter, I’d be tempted to use “RealNameBannedbyMagistrate.” No one would ever figure out who that is, right?

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