Aug 252015
 August 25, 2015  Posted by  Breaches, Healthcare

S. E. Smith writes:

When you’re mentally ill, one of your worst nightmares is being outed. Every week, I read about people who share my diagnosis being shot to death by police, injured, or killed in hate crimes, fired from their jobs, abandoned by their partners. Even as a journalist who is out about dealing with mental illness and fortunate enough to work for publications with supportive editors and coworkers, I still don’t disclose my diagnosis, because I know the cost that comes with it. Disturbingly, in a highly interconnected society, outing is easier than ever before — and sometimes it’s entirely unintentional.


If you’re not comfortable with having your mental health records made public, it’s time to ask your health care provider about their security — and to consider conducting a quick search to see if they’ve been the subject of any recent hacking scandals.

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