Sep 202016
 September 20, 2016  Posted by  Business, Online, U.S.

There have been a ton of articles trying to wake up the public to just how much Facebook knows about you. I generally skip posting those articles, as my readers tend to be pretty savvy. But this article by Larry Kim is worth noting, because you may want to save it and show it to your kids or co-workers or those who need a wake-up call.

Just look at all of Facebook’s ad-targeting options in this infographic by Wordstream to realize how much info Facebook has about you – and keep in mind that there are those (advertisers) who think this is a good thing!


h/t, Joe Cadillic

  3 Responses to “You Won’t Believe All the Personal Data Facebook Has Collected on You”

  1. But if people are willingly Sharing and giving data, isn’t also the user’s responsibility and ownership?
    Most FB users are over sharers , so to completely blame FB on this….

  2. And people wonder why I don’t have a Farcebook account; will they ever learn..

  3. I disagree. If people are over sharing and voluntarily putting up info on themselves , I don’t think FB is completely responsible.

    Now if FB is using that data for other purposes, well yeah, I have a problem with that

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