Dec 202011
 December 20, 2011  Posted by  Misc

Kirsten Sjovoll writes:

It is common ground that there is relatively little common ground between the US and the EU in their approach to data protection and privacy legislation. While the EU operates perhaps the most stringent and comprehensive system of data protection in the world, the US has opted for a more piecemeal approach with a focus on industry self-regulation over a centralised system of legislation. This divergent approach has resulted in some transatlantic turbulence over the years, with the Safe Harbour Agreement which requires US corporations seeking to trade with EU member states to guarantee that they will comply with the stricter EU rules on data protection. In January, the EU will announce even tougher internet privacy restrictions which will have global reach. Amidst growing concerns particularly amongst US-based internet companies that the EU is monopolizing too much of the data discussion, is the US finally taking a more comprehensive approach to privacy?

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Kirsten was being quite diplomatic or tactful in calling the U.S. approach “more piecemeal.” I would have just called it “half-assed” or dyfunctional.

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