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There’s still time to register for the International Privacy + Security Forum, April 3 – 5 in Washington, D.C.

There will be so much going on there.  The following is just a list of the forums/sessions, but check out the full program to see who’s keynoting, what the sessions on security cover, when the ice cream sundaes are served, and what else is going on!

You can find more information on the conference here, but here’s the list of  Forum Sessions, below.

And if you’re going to be there, let me know or look for me. I’m easy to spot because I’m tall and ravishingly beautiful.

(Well, okay, I’m easy to spot because I’m the one by the coffee pot, but hey….)

+ India’s Data Protection Law
+ Chinese Cybersecurity and Privacy Law
+ Developments in South Korean Privacy & Security Law
+ Japanese Privacy+Security Law
+ Planning for The Three Internets

+ How-to: Industry and NIST Collaboration. Cybersecurity Maturity and Risk Reduction Frameworks
+ Cloud in an International World
+ Risk Assessments in a Global Regulatory Landscape
+ Translating International Privacy Law Requirements into Prioritized, Risk-Based and Sustainable Operational Practices
+ Between a Rock and Hard Place: Competing Obligations Under the CLOUD Act
+ What is Old is New Again: ePrivacy GDPR, and CCPA–2019 and Beyond
+ International Breach Response – Above and Beyond the Law: How to Balance Legal Compliance, Cultural Competence and Leverage All Your Cross-Border Resources
+ Privacy and Data Security Due Diligence in M&A
+ Transatlantic Trends in Genetic Privacy
+ Trends in Global Privacy Enforcement and How to Allocate Scarce Compliance Resources
+ Transatlantic Privacy Enforcement Trends
+ Do’s and Dont’s for Litigation Strategy in Managing Global Data Breaches
+ Building a Privacy Program to Accommodate Evolving International Laws: From the GDPR to the CCPA to Brazil to China and Beyond
+ International Breach Investigations: Responding to Multiple International Investigations Resulting from a Single Incident
+ Building an International Incident & Breach Response Plan for Privacy and Security Teams
+ Navigating ePrivacy Requirements: New Ways to Tackle Consent, Cookies and Other Marketing Challenges
+ Digital Identity, Privacy and Economic Development
+ The Future of Industry Self-Regulation for Privacy and Security
+ Vendors, Their Clients, and the International Privacy Regulatory Landscape
+ The APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules


+ Strategies for defending against GDPR fines
+ ePrivacy in the EU: The State of Play
+ Secondary Uses of Health Information in the US and Europe
+ Decentralizing Privacy: Data Protection Regulation in the Blockchain Era
+ GDPR: Enforcement and Litigation -the CJEU and More
+ Kids Privacy Around the World
+ Knowledge is Power and Portable: An In-Depth Look at the Right to Data Portability
+ Consent Under the GDPR: Problems and Solutions
+ Anonymous and Pseudonymous Health Data: European and U.S. Perspectives
+ Subject Access Rights Under the GDPR
+ Collision Course? The GDPR meets UK and Swiss Law

Latin and South America
+ Brazil: The New Privacy Law
+ Privacy in Latin America: Where is it headed?

North America
+ Toward a New Baseline Privacy Law: Harmonizing the GDPR, California, and the FTC
+ Canadian Privacy Law for Global Companies: What You Need to Know

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