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Palko Karasz reports:

The 10-floor viewing terrace of the Tate Modern art gallery in London has a 360-degree view of the city, including some of its most famous landmarks.

But since the museum’s 211-foot-tall wing known as the Blavatnik Building opened in 2016, another aspect of the view has become well known to visitors. Stroll around the enclosed walkway and, at one point, you’ll be staring into the private lives of residents of luxury apartments in a neighboring glass-and-steel building that was completed in 2012.

The owners of four apartments in the building, part of a development called NEO Bankside, are less enamored of the view, and so they sued in 2017.

Read more on The New York Times.

  One Response to “You Can See What? Neighbors Take Tate Modern to Court Over Privacy”

  1. Use window blinds if you don’t want anyone outside looking in.
    Seems like some polarized film could be used to block viewing in from the Tate.
    Google found this film:

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