Jan 302015
 January 30, 2015  Posted by  Business, Court, Online

Chris Morran reports:

Once again, a business who is displeased with an anonymous review on Yelp is trying to sue that reviewer and attempting to compel Yelp to reveal that user’s actual identity. But this morning, lawyers for Yelp and consumer advocates were in court to argue that there is no justification for unmasking the writer of this review.

In June 2013, a Yelp user with the screen name “Lin L.” wrote a Yelp review for a real estate firm in Texas.

Read more on The Consumerist. Yelp is not a defendant in this litigation.

It’s not clear to me why Morran didn’t name the real estate firm or plaintiffs, yet linked to Yelp’s filing. The case is Jeremy Wages and The Rhodes Team v. Lin L. 

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