Nov 022010
 November 2, 2010  Posted by  Breaches, Online

At first I thought this might be the same case as described in the FBI press release I just posted, but it seems to be a different case.

Jennifer Squires reports:

Santa Cruz County law enforcement officers are warning people to take extra measures to protect their personal information online after a Sacramento-area man allegedly gained access to more than 170 e-mail and Facebook accounts of women all across the country and spammed members of their address books with nude and semi-nude photos and videos of the women.

The California Highway Patrol computer crimes unit arrested George Samuel Brock, 23, on Monday, the CHP reported.


Brock allegedly infiltrated the women’s e-mail and Facebook accounts using the “forgotten password” feature and guessing the answers to security questions. He then changed passwords, locking out the women while he barraged their friends, family and co-workers with private photographs of the women he found in their sent mail folders, according to the CHP.

Read more on Santa Cruz Patch.


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