Mar 162015
 March 16, 2015  Posted by  Online

Vaughn Highfield reports:

Yahoo may no longer be the top-dog of search, but as one of the world’s largest providers of free email services it comes as no surprise that Yahoo wants to keep its customers safe and happy from breaches and email snoopers. So, at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Yahoo unveiled its new email password system and email encryption feature.

The On-Demand password service means users will no longer have a specific password or pass phrase linked to their account. Instead, when you want to log into Yahoo’s email client you’re presented with a “send my password” button. Clicking this sends an automatic text message with a time-sensitive code you can use to log in. Spend too long faffing around, or you miss the text, you’ll need to request a new code to gain access to your email.

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