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 March 27, 2015  Posted by  Business

Mark Wilson reports:

It’s disconcerting when you consider just how much your bank or credit card company can see without even really trying: everywhere you shop, eat, and play—right down to how much you spend and when. (Suddenly, even Uber’s God View doesn’t seem so scary.)

Capital One is developing an app called Ideas—an optional stand-alone app from their main one—that mines customers’ spending histories to offer them relevant deals and events (for which Capital One takes no cut). Each day, it produces a short, personalized list of coupons (like save 10% at J. Crew) and things to do (like check out The Book of Mormon), all translated to a short, image-forward list you swipe through, kind of like Tinder. If a customer likes an event, she can save it to be reminded later. If a customer likes a deal, he can virtually clip the coupon. And if that coupon goes unspent, then shortly before it expires, Ideas will SMS the customer to warn him about it.

Read more on FastCompany.

Thanks to Joe Cadillic for the link.

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