Apr 292020
 April 29, 2020  Posted by  Breaches

I suspect that readers of this blog tend to be more sophisticated about privacy breaches and scams, but even sophisticated consumers can fall prey.  While you’re staying home to save lives, do read this scary column by Brian Krebs on how sophisticated some of these criminals are and how helpless they may leave us feeling.  Brian’s column begins:

You may have heard that today’s phone fraudsters like to use caller ID spoofing services to make their scam calls seem more believable. But you probably didn’t know that these fraudsters also can use caller ID spoofing to trick your bank into giving up information about recent transactions on your account — data that can then be abused to make their phone scams more believable and expose you to additional forms of identity theft.

Read what happened to some sophisticated consumers and then think about whether you would have stood a fighting chance in the same circumstances.

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