Sep 072010
 September 7, 2010  Posted by  Featured News, Non-U.S., Surveillance

CCTV Core presents the results of a self-serving survey, here, while Big Brother Watch answers them, here.

As BBW notes, the CCTV Core article on the survey fails to disclose the survey’s methods: how many people were surveyed and how were they recruited? Nor does the survey distinguish between belief and fact. Did the survey respondents know about the research showing that simply improving street lighting might be more effective than CCTV in reducing crime and that CCTV’s main significant impact seems to be in car parks, or that for residential applications, residents do not report a large difference in feelings of safety due to CCTV presence?

If the majority of the UK public have been sold a line of horse manure and come to believe it, that does not make the horse manure anything other than horse manure.

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