May 162014
 May 16, 2014  Posted by  Court, Surveillance, U.S., Workplace

Courthouse News reports:

Four South Bend, Ind., police officers claim a City Council member defamed them after listening to illegal wiretaps of their conversations.

Brian Young, Dave Wells, Steve Richmond and Tim Corbett sued South Bend, its Common Council, and Councilor Henry Davis, in St. Joseph County Court.

The 5-page lawsuit does not identify the plaintiffs as police officers. The Associated Press did so, in a Thursday story.

The officers claimed the city illegally recorded conversations on their department-issued phones, and reached a $500,000 settlement with South Bend in December 2013, according to the AP.

In the lawsuit, the men say they “have been and continue to be involved in litigation with the City of South Bend involving the illegality of the recording of certain conversations under the provisions of the Federal Wire Tap Act and Indiana I.C.35-33.5.

Read more on Courthouse News.

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