Jun 202016
 June 20, 2016  Posted by  Healthcare, U.S., Workplace

Stephanie M. Lee reports:

Sometime next year, you may hear about a new way to save money on your health insurance. To get the discount, you and your spouse have to join your company’s voluntary “wellness program,” the kind that typically promotes exercising more or losing weight. As part of signing up, you’re both asked to share your blood pressure, weight, diseases you’ve had or have, and your medical records, which may include the results of any genetic tests.

But if you don’t want to fill out a questionnaire or get medically screened? You won’t qualify for the discount. Or your premiums could go up by hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Many workers in the U.S. will soon find themselves in such a scenario, thanks to new regulations finalized by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) last month.

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What could possibly go wrong, right?

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