Sep 162016
 September 16, 2016  Posted by  Non-U.S., Online

Katie Forster reports:

Italy is facing calls to clamp down on online abuse and strengthen its internet privacy policies after a woman who featured in a homemade sex video shared widely online killed herself.

Italian MPs have urged the government and social network providers to address “illegal acts that can no longer be passed off as childish pranks” through legislation, the swift removal of defamatory images and education on responsible use of social media.

Read more on The Independent.

I really think our EU counterparts should not be referring to these situations as “Right to Be Forgotten” cases, because this has nothing really to do with old or outdated information. It has to do with the dissemination of private and intimate information where the individual has not consented to such sharing and there is no compelling public issue or justification for it being public. I think we muddy the issues when we throw these into RTBF.

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