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 July 3, 2018  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Online

Katherine Loy reports:

A Vernon woman was shocked to discover her personal health information posted for the world to see after purchasing a medical alert bracelet online.

After a recent medical diagnosis, Leah Luce bought a personalized medical alert bracelet from a third-party seller on Amazon.com.

In addition to her medical conditions, the bracelet included Luce’s name, birthdate and emergency contact information.

And yes, you guessed it.  At some point after the sale, Luce’s personal info showed up in an ad on the vendor’s listing.

Luce also contacted the seller, Personalized Love Jewelry. She said an employee told her the photos would be taken down within an hour. When they were still up the following day, Luce reached out to NBC Connecticut Responds.

Read more on NBC.

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