Jun 192019
 June 19, 2019  Posted by  U.S., Youth & Schools

It’s bad enough that schools release so much student information as “directory information.” Now in Wisconsin, they may also release parents’ information! AP reports:

Public schools could release the names of students’ parents and guardians under a bill approved by the state Assembly.

The measure passed Tuesday on a voice vote. It now heads to the Senate.

Schools must inform parents of what is considered directory data and provide them an opportunity to opt-out. Directory information currently includes such basic information as students’ names, addresses, birthdates and phone numbers. The bill approved Tuesday would allow schools to also release the names of parents and guardians.

Read more on ABC.

Perhaps this could be a good thing, though. If enough parents were upset enough to opt themselves out, maybe they’ll also opt their children out at the same time.

But then again, wouldn’t it make more sense to just default to no sharing unless students and parents explicitly opt in?

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